si tú te fueras yo no sé lo que haría
lo que empezamos tenemos que terminar
volvamos a hacer el amor como aquel día llévame al cielo a volar =)

nobody really comes for me.. except apjvff that was traumatic

I can’t stand bullies idc if it’s irl or on the damn internet I cannot STAND a bully


I think I actually force people to be anonymous. 

Like if you come to me with your blog, I’ll find something about you to rib.

I know they wish they could say the same.

what about me? lmao dig on me !! bully me! I’m not anonymous!! why u bullying all these people but won’t come for me like if u wanna talk shit go in! I’m right heaaaa

Anonymous asked:
Anon from earlier about sending you to hell and all, that was meant for solarselection cause he's scum. Thanks

(lil durk voice) imma sthtay on top bith I’m right heaaa