I was born inside a clam / oyster I forgot which one makes pearls (me)

why do you guys reblog so many annoying white guys so often like that nos drinker freak and that other white boy that’s really ugly like can you guys chill I didn’t buy a 2 month subscription to tumblr pro to see these whites on my dash

**sees alt white person with a con safos tattoo**

pull the trigger piglet

trans women of color are the most creative people on earth but no one will pay attention but they’ll see very soon lol

a trans dj (honey dijon) did the soundtrack for louis vuitton fall 2013 it’s one of my favorite mixes she is so beautiful and talented! I’ll post it tomorrow bc no ones on and I want more than 1 person to see it lmao

instagram eyebrows are so important and so are instagram eyebrow songs (it’s a genre)